10 examples of Poor Display Banner and Landing Page combinations from Arabia

Posted on Nov 15, 2013
By Gaurav Aidasani

Digital Advertising spend in Middle East is predicted to hit $1 Billion by 2018 but the question is if advertisers are really making this advertising spend work for them? Display banner advertising is a major component of this spending and average click-through rate of display ads is 0.1%. (Source:DoubleClick) yet advertisers consider it an important part of their digital media strategy.
Display ad and the landing page goes hand-in-hand but often advertisers forget about the landing page and they just ignore the experience a visitor will have once he/she lands on the landing page and what they want these people to do once they land.
Let’s look at some of such examples below:

Advertiser: Bradley Wiggins

Advertiser: Novotel Hotels UAE

Advertiser: Swiss Quote

Advertiser: Sandisk

Advertiser: Standard Chartered Bank UAE

Advertiser: Union National Bank UAE

Advertiser: Lexus / Al-Futtaim Motors UAE

Advertiser: Toyota / Al-Futtaim Motors UAE

Advertiser: Volvo / Al-Futtaim Trading Enterprises UAE

Advertiser: Volkswagen / Al Nabooda Automobiles UAE

Banner ad & the landing page acts like Salesman & the Showroom – if one of them is not good the chances of that sale to happen becomes less and with such low CTR rates it immediately becomes obvious that how important it is to engage/convert that potential customer who have clicked on the ad but above examples just proves that some advertisers are really not concerned about it at all.
These are just handful of examples and if you keep a close watch around you’ll see tremendous amount of examples like above which proves that a lot of marketers here just consider putting up a piece of advertising online but what happens as a result of that advertising spend is not a concern.