It's a bracelet... It's a watch... No, It's a Charger!

Posted on Oct 30, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

Smart watches and fitness bands are pass. It is time for the QBracelet. The QBracelet is a portable charger that you can wear on your wrist and that will charge your iPhone or Android device.

While we have had a lot of portable charges, what makes the QBracelet truly unique is that it is a portable charger that looks like a pretty piece of jewellery. When you unfold the bracelet, you find a hidden charging connector- a micro USB connector for Android devices and a Lightning connector for the iPhone.

Q Designs, the company that has conceptualized the QBracelet, claims that the Lithium-ion battery of the QBracelet will charge your device upto 60%. The bracelet takes 90 minutes to charge and lasts 30 days on standby.