61,000 Mobile Users Want A Different Network Operator

Posted on Feb 24, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

The mobile number portability (MNP) service was launched in December 2013 in UAE. Well, what is surprising is that around 61,000 mobile subscribers in the country have requested to switch their operators. This service was launched last year with a motive of boosting competition in UAE’s state controlled telecom sector.          

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has confirmed that around 23,000 numbers have been ported out and the remaining numbers were resubmitted to obtain the necessary documents to switch over.  

Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, director general of the TRA said, “The significant number of porting requests received reflects the real interest of UAE consumers in the MNP service.” He further stated that, “This move will enhance the quality of services offered to consumers and in turn, drive levels of performance upwards.”

Basically, the TRA is responsible for making sure that all the necessary documents are provided and submitted throughout the entire transition, as it oversees the switchover process.  It is supposed to monitor the service mechanisms.

Well, the Emirates’ telecom regulatory authority said that a lot of complaints had been received about a delay in this process. However, these complaints from the subscribers were resolved through co-operation with customers and licensees.

The TRA has urged the subscribers to be aware of their roles and responsibilities which have been mentioned in the contract signed with the telco. All this is to be done before submitting requests for MNP.

The telecom regulator issued a statement which said “Subscribers must review their existing contracts and particularly those who have signed contracts for a limited period of time where typically, termination fees result from ending a contract prematurely.”
It also has stated that the subscribers have the right to return to their original operator within the 1st three days of the number transfer.

A survey conducted by AMRB suggested that around 56 per cent of DU subscribers wanted to switch to Etisalat for better network coverage. On the other hand, around 47 per cent of Etisalat users wanted to switch to other networks for better packages and prices for calls.