Google Glass: Can This Be The Future Of Advertising?

Posted on Mar 09, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

The use of Google Glass in advertising and content sure looks out of focus, but the initial use of this budding technology might turn out to be a perception changer! Well, this is majorly because advertising agencies and brands are getting ready for a wearable ad tech future.

The first brand to advertise with Google Glass app was Kenneth Cole. It is a new way the Internet specs are used to sell products. “Even though the technology is still in the pilot program, we want to be looked at as an innovator and early adopter,” said Lauren Nutt Bello, partner at Ready Set Rocket, a firm working for Kenneth Cole.

To go with the launch of new cologne, the agency built an app for Google Glass. The theme of this campaign is to encourage chivalry and gentlemanly behavior. What does the app do? It prompts the users to photograph themselves for accomplishing a good deed per day for 21 days.

Well, this effort could do some good for Google Glass’ image as the new technology is already facing a growing repercussion. “One of the criticisms leveled at wearable tech is that it makes people more insular and more wrapped up in their devices rather than interacting with the world about them,” said Gareth Price, technical director at Ready Set Rocket.

Well, last week a woman wearing Glass in a much renowned bar in San Francisco claimed that she was assaulted after some fellow revelers accused her of video recording them secretly. Google released a primer to prod early users to be respectful or face the label of “Glassholes”.

These glasses currently cost $ 1500 and Google is expected to sell more widely later this year. It has sold only about 10,000 to 20,000 glasses to “explorers” who apply to a pilot program.

This actually means that very few will actually be seeing any kind of Glass- related promotions. However, early Glass advertisers are aware of the fact that this is more of an experiment rather than actually acknowledging any kind of reach. “It feels like we’re building for how ad campaigns will work three to five years in the future,” Price said.

“You’ll see us begin to ship products for some of the leading wearable devices this year,” said Doerr. Though Weather doesn’t have an app for Glass yet, the company does test it and smart watches internally. It could be a possibility that they eventually deliver advertising and content which targets users and their locations.