Read Faster With the Spritz Reader

Posted on Mar 09, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

Spritz has developed a speed-reading text box. It shows no more than 13 characters at one time. This box flashes words in such a way that you do not have to move your eyes like you do when you read a page of a physical book. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Well, what it does is, it increases your reading speed and doubles your usual pace.

It has teamed up with the smartphone giant Samsung to integrate its speed reading functionality with the latter’s upcoming Galaxy S5. The written word, even after 8,000 years of discovery is a very effective way of communication. Moreover, it is an effective way to get one message from one mind to the minds of others. However, we haven’t yet reached the level where we have optimized the benefit of the same.

According to Boston-based start up Spritz, you spend as little as 20 percent of your reading time actually taking in the words you’re looking at, and as much as 80 percent physically moving your eyes around to find the right spot to read each word from. What Spritz has done is, it has decided to get rid of that time and have your eyes focus on one spot.

The Spritz reader is a small box which streams one word at a time to the reader. The words are presented in a way which is easy to read. The fonts are reader friendly. The words are presented in such a way that the optimal recognition point of each word is recognized. The box shows only 13 characters at the most. This is done with an intention to break up larger words.