Apple Apparently Adds a New Feature to iAd

Posted on Mar 18, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

After updating its mobile operating system to iOS 7.1, Apple seems to have added a new feature to its iAd program. The feature is designed to allow the company, not only to take credit for the app downloads driven by its ads, but also allows advertisers to get a better sense of whether their campaigns are paying off or not.

While there is no such mention about the change in Apple’s documentation, there is API code, which seems to indicate a change. Here’s how HasOffers interprets the code:
Based on our interpretation, we believe this method will provide insight into whether a user engaged (impression or click) with an ad from iAd, in specific, prior to installing the app. If the user did engage with an ad specifically from iAd, then the “determine App Installation Attribution with Completion Handler” method will return a value of 1 for yes. If the user didn’t engage with an ad from iAd (perhaps the user engaged with an ad from another channel like Google Adwords or didn’t even engage with any ads at all), then the function will return a value of 0 for no.

Whether this interpretation is completely true or not, has to be known yet from the Apple officials.