Google Glass: The New Best Way to Livestream

Posted on Apr 07, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

Do you own a Google glass? Well, here’s something new for you! You will have a new way to live stream events through Google glass. has launched its very first app. The app enables the users to broadcast events to others via Glass in real time.

The app isn’t really complicated; in fact, it is simpler than the one available on iOS and Android systems. It allows the users to share everything they see in real time. Apart from this, the app also shows the viewers’ comments to the wearer.

To start broadcasting, all the users have to do is simply pair Glass with an event of their choice and say "OK Glass, Livestream” as they tap the side of the device to begin recording. The viewers can tune into the live broadcasts through the web or the company’s smartphone and Roku apps.

Google has its own live streaming platform for Glass which comes with the Hangouts app. However, Livestream's app is the first third-party live streaming app to come to Glass.

It first launched its broadcasting platform in 2007. It was launched under the name Mogulus. Later in 2009, the company was rebranded as Livestream and it released the first iOS and Android apps in 2012.