iPhone 6: Coming Real Soon- Screen Production Begins

Posted on Apr 07, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

The rumors to the much awaited iPhone 6 get stronger with a news report that says Apple is all set to begin production on new screens for its upcoming phone.

The technology giant from Cupertino plans to begin with the production of the new screens in May is what Reuters reported.
Apple is apparently beginning its production of the 4.7 inch screen phone by the next month; the work on 5.5 inch screen could face a delay.

If sources are to be believed, Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display are some of the companies could make screens.
An increase in size from the current one in the iPhone 5S would put an end to the concern for iPhone fans and analysts who were wondering if the company was missing out on the consumers interested in more screen real estate.

Due to complications related to problems with in-cell production technology, there was a delay in production of the 5.5 inch screen. This may result in a shift to film-sensor technology rather than in-cell technology for the larger screen.