Amazon Smartphone to be Launched Soon?

Posted on Apr 16, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

This fall, the e-commerce giant Amazon will extend into the smartphone space with it launching a new handset, according to a recent report.

After years of talks, rumours, alleged leaks and analyst speculation, The Wall Street Journal made a claim that Amazon is planning to announce its own handset in June.

The WSJ said that Amazon has been demonstrating the smartphone for developers in Seattle and San Francisco in recent times. The developers were reportedly needed to visit hotel suites with high security to be able to view the demonstrations.

The phone apparently features four front-facing cameras or sensors to track the user’s gaze and offer a glasses-free 3D-viewing experience. The previous rumours of an Amazon phone have talked about its mobile ecommerce possibilities, but this particular report talks about specific details. The first order of these handsets is going to be for 000 units. The Japan Display is serving as at least one of the device's component manufacturers.

Although many have criticized Amazon for going towards the hardware market, we have all seen how popular the Kindle has been. After about seven years of launching Kindle, Amazon appears to have taken up a challenge more difficult than the previous one. However it has to work hard to make a mark in the already cluttered smartphone space.

The WSJ has said that the production of this device could begin in the end of April.