A Machine That Reads Minds and Moves Objects

Posted on Aug 26, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

Ever thought it was possible for you to move objects with your mind? We're here to tell you it is possible with the Emotiv.

The Emotiv is a cutting else technology that clips on to your hear and gives you the ability to move a toy car just by thinking about it. It can also help quadriplegic mix music like a DJ by only just using their brain power.

The Emotiv is an EEG device that scans your brain for signals and using those signals can detect your emotions, interests and lot of other things. When you train with the Emotiv, you can actually move objects with just the power of thought.

All of that sounds fun, but the real value of this technology is in its uses. People with disabilities can perform tasks that were earlier impossible for them. Emotiv can help people with epilepsy, sleep disorders and ADHD to relax their minds and focus. It might also help you drive safely, as was demonstrated in a recent study by the Automotive Club of Australia.

It also has a vast set of uses in the world of advertising and market research. Often during market research surveys, participants have to verbally express how they feel about a product. With Emotiv, market researchers can detect the reaction of your brain to a particular product you see in a store. They will know whether or not you like a product just by reading your brain signals on a computer.

An important thing to note is that this technology could come with its own set of risks. The Emotiv has the potential to be used as brain spyware, especially in video gaming. An EEG signal can be used to decode your bank card number and even determine the state of your mental health.

Emotiv sells both the EPOC($299) and EEG($750) Version of their system. Both headsets allow developers to create their own applications using the licensed SDK software. The EEG headset goes further by allowing users to collect raw EEG data and conduct research.

While this technology may have its pros and cons, it is noteworthy and is sure to make one sit up and take notice. What do you think? Will you buy the Emotiv?