Uber to Launch its Much-Awaited API

Posted on Sep 01, 2014
By Gaurav Aidasani

Uber's "Request a Ride" button has been a hit with its customers and extremely profitable for Uber. It seems fairly obvious that the next step for Uber would be to place its button everywhere. Sources confirm that Uber is gearing up to launch an API soon.

Integrating the Uber API in Google Maps was just the first step. While, sources have not confirmed the exact functionality of the Uber API, we think that the API will allow developers to ass the "Request a Ride" button to their apps. It might be allow support for creation of full-fledged Uber clients. Uber plans to be for taxi rides what Kleenex is for tissues.

As of now, Uber does not have a public API. Sources confirm that Uber has been in talks with Facebook to integrate it into their Messenger.

Currently, Uber appears as a pedestrian and public transportation option inside Google maps. This option is available for people who have downloaded the Uber app. The "Get an Uber" button is displayed next to the other public transportation options and shows the travel time and distance if you opt for an Uber ride. Tapping the button will switch you to the Uber app with your destination pre-loaded.

Google Ventures is a major stakeholder in Uber and this system is a win-win for both Uber and Google. It subtly reminds a person that getting an Uber cab is easier and less taxing that walking or getting public transportation.

The reason Uber API makes so much sense is because Uber is an impulse purchase. A quick tap to Uber can cost one $20. Uber survives when people surrender to comfort and luxury by tapping the button. The more Uber buttons there are out there, the more taps which finally converts to more money for Uber!