Yotaphone debuts in the Middle East with a smashing launch in Dubai

Posted on Jan 14, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

We'd written about YotaPhone 2's international debut on December 2.

YotaPhone finally made an appearance in the Middle East with a brilliant launch at The Dubai Mall on December 9.

You might remember from our previous blog that the YotaPhone 2 has two screens. One of the screens is a traditional LCD screen and the other is a touch-sensitive e-ink display.

The e-ink display will ensure a drastic improvement in battery life for the phone. It is possible to access the phonebook, make calls, write texts, email and conduct other core functions using only the e-ink screen.

Yota is a three-year-old company that has also opened an office in Dubai that will serve as it's Middle East HQ.

The YotaPhone is the world's first smartphone with two screens. Vladimir Putin gave the new YotaPhone 2 as a gift to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. The YotaPhone might herald the beginning of Russian smartphones in the market.

We will watch and watch and keep you updated on how the YotaPhone performs.

What do you think about this unique phone with two screens?

(Source : http://www.thenational.ae/)