Twitter's Native Videos Will Run For 30 Seconds!

Posted on Jan 29, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

Did you hear the latest news about Twitter? Today Twitter has grown larger than yesterday. And there is not one but 2 reasons for the same or rather 2 tools. Confused? Well, Twitter began offering 2 new tools today which have the potential to shape its future for the better.
What are these tools?
1.    Video editing and sharing tool:Twitter began offering a tool which will allow one to capture, edit and share videos on your phone.
2.    A private chat tool: This is a tool which allows exchange of private messages. A person can use this tool to chat amongst preferred groups where only the group members will be able to chat.
As per Twitter\'s product director, Mr. Kamdar, all the users will be able to access the tools after some weeks.
What\'s the difference?
We all know that Twitter has a facility for uploading videos using tools outside its network. This includes Vine short video service. Twitter purchased Vine in 2012. Vine enables exchange of private messages within individuals.
However, the new tools offer notable features which places Twitter as the fastest evolving social networking service.
Kamdar excerpts, These tools will enhance Twitter\'s performance as an advanced visual medium.
There is a lot of hindrance while using another apps to upload videos on Twitter. he explains. However, these latest tools offer convenience for uploading videos on the go.

For example, Twitter claims that a person can add a video to a tweet with a few taps. After sending, the receiver can play the video with a single tap. Also unlike vines which allowed maximum 6 second videos, Twitter videos will be up to 30 seconds long!
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