Control A Tesla Car From Your Apple Watch?

Posted on Feb 03, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

Well, well, well. Now here's a piece of news which is more interesting than Justin Bieber's Believe. (You could believe me!)

If you ever dreamt about controlling your car through a watch, then this news might cause you to holler!

Control a Tesla through your wrist!
Eleks, a developer situated in Ukraine, is working on a mechanism which will enable Tesla's Insane Mode right through your new Apple Watch!

The wait endures
The mechanism is not functional yet. The Apple Watch will be available only after April. However, a working concept showing how a watch could remote-control a Tesla is already out, says one developer associated with the mechanism's development.

Once available, you will be able to control certain basic functions of a Tesla Model S from your Apple Watch.

In order to make the app functional on a real Tesla, it only requires us to add authentication. This will then redirect the app to the actual backend, says the developer who wished not to be named.

The other side of the coin-
Having said all, WatchKit does have crucial limitations. The access to Apple Watch accelerometer, gyroscope, Taptic Engine and the device's built-in speaker remains a question.

The team further voiced its frustrations over limited functions, Creating a fully functional app for Apple Watch to make it compatible with current SDK version is difficult.

However, certain rudimentary functions displayed on the app for Tesla seem exciting for owners. This includes ability to lock as well as unlock the car and turning on the headlights. Also you will be able to monitor the car's temperature, mileage as well as battery life!

On the contrary-
If the Apple Watch mechanism becomes a hit, it could create a dent in Apple's own CarPlay mechanism before it reaching to most cars.

Whichever way, Apple wins.

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