A Million-Dollar Dispute Comes To End

Posted on Feb 16, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

Latest reports point out to the absolution of Microsoft and Samsung over a million dollar dispute. The dispute was over selling of android devices.
The royalty fight comes to an end:
Microsoft and Samsung seem to have absolved from a legal fight. It refers to royalty payments for android devices. However, the terms of settlement remains unheard of.
In 2014, Microsoft sued Samsung for the latter failing to make payments as per a cross-licensing agreement. This is associated with patents used in Android devices.
Samsung termed the contract as unviable after Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's mobile division.
Reports say, 'Samsung and Microsoft have willingly decided to end their legal dispute in the U.S. court and ICC arbitration. The terms of agreement remain confidential.'
It was in 2011, when the 2 companies entered a patent contract. As per this contract, Samsung agreed to compensate Microsoft as royalty payments for selling of each Android phone. As per the lawsuit, Samsung owed $6.9 million of interest.
It's still not specified about Samsung's dues to Microsoft for each sold device. However, the total royalty payments in 2013 were $1 billion.