Samsung Galaxy S6: Ready To Rise Above The Smartphone Galore?

Posted on Mar 03, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

The months-long airy rumors have finally turned to reality. And it's not just about Samsung Galaxy S6 but accompanied by a hot brother, the Galaxy S6 Edge. The latter is said to possess a cooler and eye-catching design featuring a screen with curves on both sides.
However, the question is whether it has enough spark to allure customers from other competitors. Well, that we leave upon you to decide after reading this blog.

What does the S6 Edge have to provide?
Well, there is nothing much unique about S6 Edge that will have your eyes protrude. It has drawn many similarities from Galaxy Note Edge which debuted last fall with a one-side curve.

Limitations and not-so-awe-inspiring features:
The Note possessed versatile side screen which doubled as app launcher, occasional ruler and news scroll. When compared, the S6 version has limitations. The curves simply facilitate an ornate design element. Also there aren't any panels to swipe through.

So why go for it? You would if you want some flamboyance to support your brag among your friends. Or perhaps if you would want to try the side clock and news scroll features.

The calling features:
You will be able to do instant calls to all your recent contacts through the swipe of your finger. The phone sides will light-up when you will receive a call and while your phone is faced down.
The phone is beautifully designed and will surely turn few heads. If you have the notion of the curves being a spoil factor for steady photos, you might consider this opinion. It just isn't the case as the Samsung letterboxes media landscape mode prevents any photo warping.

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