Too Fast To Determine The End Of Internet Explorer? Not Yet

Posted on Mar 18, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

Although, Microsoft's struggling web browser receives criticism from irritated users, there are many who still love the browser.
Do you know about Project Spartan?
Project Spartan is the name of the endeavor to launch the upcoming Windows 10 browser which is yet to be named.
The actress Zooey Deschanel was found to mourn about IE's apparent end on Facebook. However, the latest news reveals Deschanel's talk about the rise of Microsoft's new browser. And during this time, Microsoft hadn't confirmed about IE's end.
When did the confusion begin?
It began when Microsoft's Chris Capossela pointed towards IE's end at the Microsoft Convergence event on Monday.
This was however, contracted, when Microsoft confirmed about Internet Explorer being very much alive.
It is hard for many to lose their ancient browser'
So although there is excitement about the upcoming Windows 10 which is said to feature Microsoft's shiny and new browser, there are people who cannot digest the fact of losing their ancient browser.
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