Bad Marketing Is The Cause Of The Doom Of Google Glass?

Posted on Apr 13, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

Now I don’t know whether the following excerpt from a Google executive will surprise you, but I was. Teller said, “Google Glass Explorer is a program which tops as one of our biggest endeavors. However, what did not go right is our allowance and giving more than the necessary attention for the same."

The Key misunderstanding which lead to the apparent failure of Google Glass:

“It all started with the wrong perception of people towards Google Glass. People perceived Google Glass as Google's final product. However, in reality, Google was just testing a prototype,” said Teller.

"We should have communicated in a better way. Also we could have prevented Google Glass from entering a loud conversation which was not meant to be.”

A year does make a difference. This is well supported by the fact that March 2014 saw marketers expressing much interest over brands like Kenneth Cole and The Weather Channel, who were responsible for Google Glass advertising. In 2015, Google Glass merely remains a footnote in tech history.

Another hot talk-

Talks regarding Google's self-driving car also circulated the tech corridors. This received greater attention when the ride-sharing war between Uber and Lyft this week received similar attention,

"If you can make a car which secures a person during every possible situation, million lives could be saved every year. Additionally it would also save $1 trillion equivalent of time each year" Teller said.

However, unlike Google Glass, the company is testing out every possible scenario with self-driving cars before its official market launch. We would appreciate the fact that Google won’t repeat their mistake again.

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