Introducing the Fi Network of Google

Posted on Apr 28, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

Google now becomes a wireless carrier along with giants like Sprint, and T-Mobile. Intriguing offers like pay-as-you-go data, absence of 2 years contract, ability to switch network and international roaming and many other offers have caught the attention of all.

All the juicy details about Project Fi you can find here in this blog.

How Google’s Project Fi enables automated connectivity to the fastest network?

Project Fi with the help of Sprint and T-Mobile towers, will give cellular connectivity such that you will automatically be connected to the fastest 4G LTE, 3G, or 2G around your location.

As per Google, Project Fi automatically connects your mobile to “open, free networks.” Here, you won’t require to frequently manage hotspots to get signal.

As soon as the signal starts weakening, you will be effortlessly switched to the fasted cellular connection.

Feared about snooping?

Don’t worry. All Wi-Fi data will be routed through Google’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) preventing any snooping.

Pay only for what you use!

Project Fi offers usage-based charging: $20 a month- includes talking, texting, and Wi-Fi tethering. Each extra 1GB cellular data consumed will be charged $10 per month. Similarly, 2GB for $20 per month.

However, the interesting thing is that you pay data consumed. The left-over data will be credited. For example: You use 1.4GB of 3GB for a $30 per month plan. In this case, you will get $16 back.

Bonus: The Project Fi customers using T-Mobile playbook will receive free international coverage across 120 countries. However, data speeds would be trifling 256kbps (3G).

There’s a catch or two:

Would like to switch your friends and family to Fi? Sadly, support for manifold lines through single account is yet to come.

Do you have Nexus 6?

If you want to instantly jump aboard then you need to possess Nexus 6. Google’s Project Fi being initially available on its own handsets is evident due to the support it extends for several domestic and international LTE bands. However, for the non-owners, you can get one at a special 24-month payment cost of $27.04/month for 32GB and $29.12/month for 64GB version. This is better that paying full upfront price of $650 (32GB) or $700 (64GB).

What’s more?

Google revealed today that you can also send and reroute texts, calls, voice mails to a device whether it is phone, a tablet or laptop. You will be able to choose without switching SIM cards. The entire process will be controlled via Hangout apps on web and mobile.

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