Did You Know Why You Were Not Able To Text through Your iPhone?

Posted on Jun 05, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

News circulated the technology corridors about an iPhone bug making it impossible for users to send texts. And what caused this problem? The bug.

The iOS bug-

A newly found iOS bug contributed to malfunctioning of iPhones leaving users devoid of accessing the Messages app.

Users who saw a mysterious chain of characters within a text noticed their Messages app consequently crashing. This issue was first noticed on Reddit.

The Unicode-

The text which displayed contained Arabic characters including unicode. People sending the sequence were likely to be found to do so for humorous purposes or with wicked intent to cause the recipient's Messages app to get blocked. As a result the recipients stopped receiving messages.

The good news-

Once you got the text sequence, it is easy for you to undo the damage by replying with a message. In addition, if you have a Mac with iMessage enabled, you can open the message and reply to the sender this way, too.

This is the latest scary iOS bug to make the rounds. In September, Apple pulled an iOS update that disabled the cellular connection and Touch ID fingerprint reader. A glitch affiliated with Touch ID surfaced again just last month.


Apple said in a statement that it was aware of the issue and would make a fix for the bug available in a software update.

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