Google's Project Soli- A Technological Leap?

Posted on Jul 15, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

This is the idea of Soli’s founder, Ivan Poupyrev. Google’s Project Soli is undeniably a technological milestone achieved. Ivan Poupyrev laid the foundation of Project Soli to incorporate the potential of human’s hand movements into the virtual world to its fullest.

What is Project Soli?

Project Soli is a small but very effective technology, a leap into the future of using the processor to maximum advantage. Project Soli consists of a gesture-recognizing processor with a radar-enabled sensor. It aims to bridge the gap of not being able to interact with gadgets without touching their display screens. For instance, Soli will enable you to interact with your Smartwatch without touching it; so you can change time, and calibrate other functionalities without having to touch it!

How does it work?

There is an inbuilt sensor, which tracks your hand movements. The input is then channeled to a device which then intercepts and interprets the movements to produce the desired outcome like changing the time without touching the device.

How is Soli different from others?

Most motion controllers depend on cameras. However, Soli is equipped with radar. This helps Soli to track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy thus giving accurate outcomes. Also it helps Soli (tiny processor) to be incorporated into the smallest of gadgets including wearables. Hence, Soli presents the potential to coalesce the features of human potential and virtual capabilities to be used to maximum advantage.

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