OnePlus 2 Launch- Will The Hype Meet Expectations?

Posted on Jul 30, 2015
By Gaurav Aidasani

If we talk about excitement, OnePlus has made the world go bananas over its flagship product OnePlus One. And now the Chinese company is set to reveal its next flagship — and it does not disappoint.

OnePlus 2 consists of refreshed set of flagship-worthy specs. It also has its own and new operating system. The OnePlus 2 undeniable is more advanced than its predecessor with significant hardware and software upgrades for less than $400. Take your pick!

More than 100 changes in OnePlus 2?

OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei says, “OnePlus 2 is made after incorporating 100+ changes from its predecessor. Most notable is the polycarbonate bezel of the OnePlus One. This is now replaced with an all-metal bezel that gives the phone an enhanced premium appearance.

The OnePlus 2 carries the company's signature "sandstone black" back cover. You get a good grip due to its textured cover without giving a cheap appearance that is usually the case with other manufacturers.


It was the software of OnePlus One that made it so appealing. The same was expected in OnePlus 2. The former handset functioned over the OS- CyanogenMod - a highly customized version of Android. However, OnePlus had to change things for its next flagship product paying heed to the actions of a rival company. The latter received the exclusive rights to distribute CyanogenMod in the entire of South Asia. OnePlus, however, did not give up and came up with OxygenOS. It is OnePlus' own custom version on Android, based on Android 5.0 Lollipop!


To avoid friction, the company has increased number of invitations for its launch to 50,000. The pop-up stores will open in New York City, San Francisco, Berlin, Paris, Milan, London, New Delhi, Bangalore and Jakarta beginning July 31.

OnePlus 2: The World’s First Product Launch in VR

Did you know that OnePlus 2 is the first product launch done through Virtual Reality Event? This feat in itself is a massive technological feat. So if you missed the launch on Tuesday, you can still view it via a ‘virtual reality’ event. For starters you need to download the OnePlus 2 launch VR app from the Google Play store.