Why Digital Advertisers are using Waze to connect with people

Posted on Oct 10, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

A Google-owned community-based GPS and navigation app, Waze is similar to Google Maps except a whole lot better. It is a great app to consider while planning your advertising campaigns as it allows to target audiences in real time and reach Waze users near your business by effective advertising.

- Since Waze is a digital app, you will know exactly how many potential customers engaged with your ads  
- It helps to drive footfalls by getting more users to see your ads  
- Provides a meaningful local ad experience by tracking in real-time 
- Waze has recently added a new ETA screen showing traffic forecasts so users can plan accordingly thus leading to time management. This will also help advertisers track user information and target them accordingly  
- Waze Local is perfect for small businesses that have small marketing teams. Through a dashboard, they can access data like impressions, clicks, navigations and more.  

There are four main approaches to advertising on Waze that can be utilized individually or together: 


Just like a store sign or digital billboard, pins inform and remind users that the advertiser's business is on or near the route. They mark businesses on the map and include calls to action that cannot be missed.


This helps to promote the advertiser’s locations to the top of search results. If a business has advertised with promoted search, they can have a highlighted search result displayed when a user searches for something. This allows users to add their favorite locations and also brands get to choose when they want to target customers depending upon their behavior. For example, a utility store would advertise to users on the way back home from work as they are more likely to see and make purchases during that time.


This is a digital billboard which comes to life when the driver is at a complete halt. Be it at traffic lights or otherwise, this large canvas is displayed only when the car is at a halt and Waze has the user’s full attention.


This allows users to select a voice so businesses can geo-fence locations and display relevant calls to action when the user is near a specific location. 

Waze measures KPI’s very effectively by tracking engagement rates with the help of click through rates and real-time navigation. It also measures the interaction made with an ad thus leading to a beyond satisfactory performance.

Case Study:  

Yazle recently ran a campaign with Waze for popular ice-cream brand Magnum whose main objective was to create awareness about the ice-cream across relevant audience segments. The campaign was focused primarily towards females aged 18+ years. A set of Magnum store locations were targeted within 5km radius range to increase the footfall to the Magnum outlet. We removed the locations with low navigation rates.  
Impressions – 152,370, CTR – 1.41%, Navigation Rate – 61.44%