5 Key Benefits Of Rich Media Ads

Posted on Oct 22, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

Marketing professionals understand the importance of creating impact with their target audience via their products and services. 

With the ever-changing digital market space, it’s critical for marketers and creative teams to find mediums to excite, entice and engage customers. 

While video is a great interactive medium, Rich Media is a highly engaging and interactive medium. 

But what is Rich Media? 

Have you ever clicked an ad that expanded resulting in a microsite ad experience? This is a Rich Media ad that uses unique elements such as video, images, social plug-ins...to attract attention and stand out amongst other ads which provides a highly engaging experience for your brands target audience.

Rich Media ads offer high performance and high CTR’s. They also show five times stronger CTR’s than standard display ads. They are very different from static or traditional banner ads as they provide a more enhanced and engaging experience. Rich Media contains animated elements such as streaming audio, video, interactive CTA’s.

Types of Rich Media ads: 

In-page: These ads usually show up like a banner in various areas of the webpage.

- Out-of-page: These are floating ads, expandable ads or interactive pop-up ads.

- In-stream: These ads include pre or post roll videos.

Below are some of the key reasons why you should include Rich Media as part of your next marketing campaign:

1) Interaction:  

It promises greater interaction than any other medium. With attractive and visually appealing content, videomovement and other features, it attract eyeballs and keeps the viewers attention fixed longer than traditional ads. The viewer is also enticed to interact with these ads as they demand attention.

2) More calls-to-action:  

Instead of just leading the consumer to the landing page, rich media ads allow you to use multiple CTA’s that link viewers to your social media accounts, website and landing page.

3) Leads to enhanced user experience:  

Customers are always excited to interact with ads that are unique and different. Rich Media ads do not force the consumer to leave the site. This allows consumers to have an uninterrupted and pleasant online browsing experience.

4) Easy tracking:  

It’s easy to track user interaction through this medium. Rich Media ads allow you to measure stats about your consumers and also analyze how they interact with your ad.

5) Higher performance:  

Rich Media ads out-perform standard and traditional banner ads with increased conversion rates, click through and view through rates. Since Rich Media ads are more interactive, consumers are more likely to click on them or take some kind of action after viewing these ads as compared to its counterparts. 

Compared to standard ads, Rich Media ads are higher in price and larger in size. However, they provide a number of advantages as listed above and lead to a cost-effective online ad campaign