10 hot tips F&B brands should keep in mind while planning an online advertising strategy

Posted on Nov 22, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

In the world of digital consumers, everyone’s competing for attention. An average person is served 1700 banner ads per month, yet only half of those ads will be viewed. The food and restaurant space is always buzzing and has now become a saturated environment. With new names popping up every day, you need to strive hard in order to be able to stand out from the crowd. Creating a restaurant is one thing but advertising and promoting it effectively is just as important. Ensure you impress or you will get lost in this sea of competition. 

Whether you are launching a new menu or creating awareness about an upcoming promotion, your digital strategy has to be top-notch. It may sound simple, but you’ll be surprised to know how laser-focused brands are on their digital strategies. 

With technology advancing at a rapid speed, there’s so much F&B brands can do to reach their audience. Waze, a navigation app, is one such example that lets you target people on the move. Advertise on Waze and reach people near your business in real time. For example: You’re hungry and travelling from one place to the other. If you’re a Waze user, the app will show you which F&B outlets are near you so you can take a quick detour and head to the closest outlet of your choice. 

If you’re about to plan your online strategy, here are 10 tips that will help you nail your F&B campaign to the core! 

1) Connect with your diners:  

Your restaurant ad has the power to communicate your brand’s message. Each message is unique and powerful in its own way with its own set of values. While designing your campaign, ask yourself – If my restaurant was a person, what would he or she sound like? What message would he or she like to hear? Once you get that answer, you can start planning your campaign. Focus on communicating a unique brand message to your audience so they stay connected to you. Create an emotional campaign that strikes a chord with your audience. An ad that connects with the user creates a remembrance value and does twice as well as other content. 

2) Show then tell:  

Ensure your content is visually appealing as it grabs instant attention. Nothing annoys audiences more than content that is repetitive and intruding. Using unique images can be a fresh change for the eyes. People also tend to recall content that is visually appealing. Visual storytelling is a great way to show and tell. An attractive image represents your restaurant and conveys the message that needs to be conveyed. 

3) Know what’s trending:  

While creating an ad campaign, first research on what’s trending. Currently, edible gold seems to be in vogue in Dubai. If your brand can introduce something that’s trending, it is sure to grab attention. Do some research and see what works with your brand? This is a great opportunity to boost business and achieve skyrocket sales.

4) Be honest:  

The whole idea is to showcase who you are in the truest sense through your ad. Be honest and convey your message with clarity. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not just because you want to entice customers. Facts build credibility and if you are true to your audience, they will trust you and be more loyal to you. Customers often don’t click on ads because they don’t entirely trust them. So, focus on attracting them with honest advertising rather than deceptive advertising.  

5) Provide information:  

Providing your customer with information about your product or service is a sure shot way of winning audience attention. Be as informative as you can be through your ad and highlight all the special features your product or service offers. It’s a great opportunity for brands to get experimental with new technologies like augmented reality etc. as well.  

6) Introduce attractive offers and discounts:  

What better way to entice your audience than a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer? Customers are always looking for offers and promotions online. The better your offer, the more likely you are to attract people. Introduce promotions from time-to-time so customers always look out for you when they need to make purchases. 

7) Call-to-actions help create urgency:  

Now that you have a great restaurant advertisement, it’s time to focus on getting great results. Placing your ad on the right platform is important but what is the next best thing that drives instant attention? An effective Call to Action is the answer. Most people who see an ad also see the CTA, whether they read the copy or not. CTA’s help to create that sense of curiosity and urgency and hence it is important to ensure they are creative, unique and provide users a reason to click.  

8) Mobile friendly:  

Most customers these days browse through websites and social media channels on their smartphones. So, having a mobile-friendly campaign is non-negotiable. It is an absolute necessity. Create mobile versions of your campaigns so customers can interact with your ad with ease. This helps to create awareness about your brand and also reach out to a large mobile-friendly audience.  

9) Easy and convenient:  

Your audience doesn’t have the time to read so make their life easy by informing them about product specifications, process of ordering, returning, assembling and even paying for meals through your ad. There are many brands out there who are going all out with their advertising campaigns. In order to make yours stand out, ensure it’s easy and stress-free.  

10) Be there:  

Attend to customers in times of need. When a customer is desperately looking to purchase something, ensure your ad reaches out to them in the nick of time. If you reach out to them in their time of need, they will remember you forever. Show customers that you value them by reaching out to them. Provide them with what they are looking for and be there for them at all times – before, during and after purchase.