Mobile Advertisers & Webaholics go hand-in-hand

Posted on Jun 24, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

In today's day and age, we rarely come across people without a mobile phone. Be it students, parents or workers, UAE residents are all switching from being workaholics to webaholics. They own smartphones before tablets, laptops and desktops. The significant rise in mobile browsing has slowly but surely become a trend that is growing and is expected to beat the time spent using the internet on other devices, in the coming years. People are more likely to turn to their phones for answers than any other medium today. So, if mobile is where consumers are, that's where businesses should focus their efforts tooMobile advertising comes as no surprise then. It has raised the standard by pampering consumers with faster and efficient deliveries, quick-fix solutions to all their problems and much more. Probably the best, fastest, most efficient and convenient medium to interact with audiences today, mobile devices have revolutionized how advertisers plan campaigns. 

Imagine mobile advertising twenty years ago. It probably would be something advertisers wouldn't even consider doing back then. But today, mobile technology and consumer habits are paving a new and exciting way to reach audiences anywhere, anytime, at any budget. What would sound crazy twenty years ago is a norm today that we take for granted considering people in the UAE spend almost 4 hours a day browsing through their phones. So, it's safe to say that mobile advertising is truly changing the game of digital marketing 

1) Multiple ways to deliver messages:  
Video is by far the most popular format for mobile users as it attracts approximately 82% of mobile viewers on a daily basis. Social networking is a close second, drawing 70% of mobile users on a daily basis. Mobile games, while not quite as popular, are still used by over half of all mobile device users. Following are mediums through which messages can be delivered as people actually do view and respond to ads through these platforms: 

Video: 90%

SMS/Text: 90%

Social Media: 80%

Email: 61% 

2) Create Experiences 

Mobile marketing, unlike other forms is unobtrusive. People can control how and how much they want to interact with a brand. Advertisers can also track this information and target them accordingly. They can tailor experiences depending upon their customer requirements and thus create a strong, positive relationship between the brand and the customer.

3) Reach Creates Brand Loyalty 

Brands are able to reach customers in several ways thus providing value and building trust. The minute a customer feels a connection towards your brand, there's an instant sense of brand loyalty that sets in. 

Mobile Advertising has found a way to fit right into everyday lives which gives businesses a golden opportunity to go all out with their campaigns, as long as they ensure flexible, personalized and unobtrusive experiences. As an advertiser, if you manage to reach webaholics in the right way - just like mobile advertising, you're here to stay!