While the summer sun shines in all its glory, so should you!

Posted on Jul 02, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

Summer is a fantastic time of the year to get rid of old concepts and introduce new, innovative ones. While the sun shines brightly, it's time for digital marketers in the UAE to shine brighter and face summer head-on.

Here's a quick run-down of what online advertisers can do to shine brightly this summer: 

1) Event tie-ins:  
Summer is a busy time with unlimited activities and events taking place round-the-clock. Identify which summer events relate to the industry you're in and strategize accordingly. 

- Major holidays, sacred festivals (Eid al Adha in August)

- National or global events (Back to school)

Annual events (Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai Sports World)

2) Tap into summer trends:  
As the holiday season approaches, schools are shut, work gets slower so it's a great time for advertisers to take advantage of this and holiday-ize campaigns by using holiday themes, colors and images. 

40% people Travel during summer 
Tip: Airline brands should promote their summer specials through eye-catching video ads that attract customers and lead to an increase in sales. 

35% people Shop & Splurge during this time

Tip: With mobile advertising at the forefront, ensure you entice customers with visually appealing, interactive mobile ads showcasing various offers and promotions.

25% people purchase Automobiles during this time

Tip: Summer and car shopping go hand in hand like pancakes and maple syrup. If you're looking to generate demand, consider a targeted display advertising campaign. If the demand already exists, video ads with CTA's would help capture attention of shoppers who are on their path to purchase.

3) Understand Summer Purchase Behavior:  
As a marketer, it is important to know and understand your customer's buying habits. Track previous purchases and analyze the following in order to plan new strategies:

- How often do customers search for your products?

- Is your advertising helping garner required attention?

- How many people have made purchases? 

Each new season brings new challenges and new trends in digital marketing. The key to a successful campaign is looking at the big picture and not being afraid to try new ideas.