Move over food-delivery apps, we now have autonomous robots for that!

Posted on Jul 03, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

If you thought getting food delivered through an online app was the coolest thing ever, think again! Imagine an autonomous robot picking food from a restaurant of your choice and then delivering it to your door step in no time, without human touch - Now that's interactive technology at its best.  

Kiwibased at a spitting distance from UC Berkeley has since its inception in 2017, successfully and efficiently fulfilled more than 10,000 orders with its team of delivery 'bots.'

How does this work? 

They have six fully integrated Ultra HD Cameras around the KiwiBot, giving it 250 degrees field of vision that guarantees complete awareness and outstanding navigation performance. Their multi-modal system consists of three robots: one inside the restaurant, a semi-autonomous tricycle that goes in the street and a last-mile robot that covers the last 300 meters. With the use of Deep Learning technology, currently used by self-driven cars and dronesKiwiBot learns to interpret data gathered from sensors, make intelligent decisions by understanding the surroundings and environment and by identifying traffic signals and objects in order to avoid collisions. This ensures a fast, safe and cost-efficient delivery.

Dubai is always experimenting with new innovations and inventions, Costa delivering coffee via a drone on Kite Beach being one such example. With self-flying drones coming up soon, imay be time for autonomous robots as well. Folks in Dubai, we hope you're listening!