Podcast Advertising: Because people prefer to use their ears over their eyes!

Posted on Jul 15, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

The internet has historically been limited to laptops and smartphone screens. So, when podcasts launched in 2004, people knew they had found a refreshing alternative to an otherwise exhausting screen. They preferred to use their ears over their eyes with these digital audio files. People usually listen to podcasts while commuting or while running daily chores as they’re informative and interesting.

With a significant advancement in technology and awareness, brands are now paying money to advertise through this much-loved medium which is gaining popularity worldwide. This significant number has given rise to Podcast Advertising. According to a 2017 survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PWC, $314M were spent on podcast advertising in 2017 which is expected to hit $659M by 2020. With this new type of advertising, you can promote your brand/company on a podcast. The audio ad would contain information about your product/service, personal experiences, coupon codes, discounts, offers, benefits etc. They’re effective, impactful, attractive and work significantly well, such that it is speculated to go heaps and bounds ahead of traditional display advertising in the years to come. 

Why is podcast advertising gaining popularity? 

Highly engaging medium for delivering messages: 

Unlike most other mediums, listeners tend to hand on to every word of the audio clip, making them an excellent audience for advertisers trying to get their brands known. 

Podcast ads can be run in two ways: 

15-second pre-roll: These ads are long and placed before the main part of the show’s content, i.e. at the beginning of the podcast. The host first discusses the advertiser's products/services before diving into the actual content. 

60-second mid-roll: These ads are placed around the middle of the show, usually after 40-70% of the show’s content has been heard by the listener. Halfway through the show, the host talks about the advertiser’s content. 

Loyalty & trust: 

Every podcaster is loyal to a certain host. Advertising with these hosts make sense as people religiously subscribe to their audio clips.