Are Augmented Reality Ads the Future of Advertising?

Posted on Jul 29, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

Augmented reality, a buzzword in the world of technology is no longer limited only to games and apps. It’s much more than that. With marketers adopting AR in Advertising, this new form of technology is changing the game of digital marketing by connecting with consumers in a new, exciting way. AR makes advertising interactive and allows advertisers to connect with their audiences in totally new ways.  

According to Statista, 

Approximately 200 million people worldwide will be using mobile AR in 2018. 

As compared to print advertising, AR ads are far more immersive and interactive. 

However, prices may vary with a simple AR ad costing around $5000 while a sophisticated one going up to $100000. 

Benefits of augmented reality advertising:  

Boosts Sales: 

With augmented reality technology, customers can virtually try on a number of products, be it shoes, jewelry, watches, bags, clothes etc. and then purchase what they like most. This acts as a powerful tool in driving sales and increasing revenue. 

Positive Ad Experience:  

AR ads run in-app traffic and give users a choice to decide whether or not they want to interact with them. This leads to a non-disruptive and positive ad experience. 

- Emotional Connect: 

AR ads, unlike banners or images, are more lifelike and real. They immerse the consumer by interacting with them. This creates an emotional connection with the consumer and leads them to the path of purchase. An emotionally connected consumer recalls the brand and develops a trust factor. This positive association creates brand awareness.

- Increase Ad Engagement: 

Augmented reality ads deliver the most exciting, enjoyable and impactful ad experiences. Good user experiences lead to increased ad engagement. 

All in all, augmented reality ads are impactful, efficient and extremely effective.