Video Advertising is at the forefront of digital marketing

Posted on Aug 05, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

One of the most effective and efficient types of advertising, video ads are at the forefront of this new digital revolution. And rightfully so! With most marketers these days choosing to use video as their most preferred form of content, video ads should mandatorily be a part of every company's digital marketing offering. 

In the UAE, 70% respondents use smartphones or laptops to watch videos, compared to 65% global average which means the consumption of video in this region is significantly high.

Wondering why? Read on.

- Video ads are the easiest, fastest and most convenient medium to reach out to consumers.

They are relatable, visually appealing and create strong emotional connections with the viewer. 

In comparison to other types of online content, video content is shared much more, results in more engagement, comments and increasebrand loyalty. 

The number of people who connect with the brand also increases as visually appealing ads resonate in consumer's minds long after they've finished watching. This in turn leads to an increase in sales. If a consumer remembers your content, they will always remember your brand.  

One of the fastest growing, in-demand forms of marketing today, video is also mobile-friendly. Considering approximately 65% of the world's population uses smart-phones and mobile-connected tablets, this is a golden opportunity for advertisers to create video ads for their audiences no matter which category they belong to. Be it FMCG, travel, beauty, fashion - videos attract attention in an instant. 

However, do ensure your videos are placed at the right location at the right time and are targeted to the right audience. In order to address this, we introduced the Middle East to DynAdmic, our exclusive partners, whose key strength is to show the most relevant ad to the most relevant audience at the right time. For e.g. If Hiba is a young girl browsing through and is looking specifically for trending luxury bags, DynAdmic can target her for fashion/luxury ads based on the content she is watching instead of targeting an entire channel that talks about fashion. It not only helps to target the right person at the right time but also helps in reducing wastage. 

While traditional ads have their place in the industry; when it comes to digital marketing, videos are a must! 

Afterall, a successful advertiser is one who captures the attention of his customers in a jiffy. And what better way to do so than with visually appealing, interactive video ads?