GDPR compliant? Yes, we are!

Posted on Aug 12, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

With the onset of GDPR, companies have proactively been trying to comply with the rules and regulations of this new law. Introduced by the European Union (EU), this privacy law supersedes the Data Protection Act 1995 by regulating how any organization treats or uses personal data of EU citizens. It simplifies and unifies data protection laws across all countries in the EU. But if you’re thinking this law is only applicable to EU, it’s not! It applies to any organization that holds or processes information about EU residents, even if they’re based outside of the EU.


GDPR was created to give people more control over their own data. 


GDPR sets key rights for individuals, one of which is the right to be informed of what personal data a company holds.

- Customers have full control over their personal data and usage of personal data.

- Creates a security-conscious work environment and builds trust.  

Impact of GDPR in UAE:  

The GDPR potentially impactcompanies in the Middle East since they are offering products to individuals within the EU or monitoring the behavior of EU-based individuals.  That means that any company in the UAE that is holding any EU customer or operational data will have to take appropriate measures to protect the data. 

Most businesses these days have either complied with or are aiming to comply with this trending law. From tech partners to inventory sources to tracking platforms - all of Yazle’s platforms are GDPR compliant and in sync with current trends.