Geo-location Retargeting – Fad or Fab?

Posted on Aug 13, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

In today's day and age, we rarely come across people without a mobile phone. Consumers around the world own smartphones before tablets, laptops and desktops. The significant rise in mobile browsing comes as no surprise then. This is a trend that is growing and is expected to beat the time spent using the internet on other devices, in the coming yearsAll modern smartphones are equipped with GPS technology capable of locating their exact position on the globe. If your customers share this information with you, voila! You can use it to create personalized marketing campaigns that are sure to increase your ROI. 

As mobile browsing becomes the norm, understanding a user's location becomes just as important. You may wonder why? Well, the key to a successful campaign is identifying your consumer – where they live, what they value and how they behave? The inclusion of location can help decipher all that information with you. Most importantly, it identifies whether or not the consumer is close to the product, brand, event, store or company being advertised. Geolocation helps in the following ways: 

To access information like the type of connection being used by your consumer. This helps marketers deliver their message appropriately to targeted consumers who are most likely to engage with their brand. 

By deciphering the consumer's journey, marketers can deliver the most effective content, thus reducing wastage on ad spend. Travel companies maximize their media buying mileage by adding location to display ads as it helps them understand their consumers reactions and patterns.  

We live in a world that is growing and drowning at once, with consumers spread far and wide across the globe with different demands, tastes and preferences. While this poses a great challenge for marketers trying to engage consumers across different places; technologies like geolocation, help them reach out to those consumers and engage them with the brand, at a scale that is necessary.