Say good-bye to irrelevant ads with our one-stop solution!

Posted on Aug 26, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

Brands engage, surprise and connect. They find ways to delight and deliver by constantly pushing themselves to achieve the impossible. They define and redefine buying behavior and earn customer loyalty. But it’s not just brands, today people are ultra-connected and aware. This gives rise to more trends, newer buying habits, more expectations which causes markets to constantly change and creates more competition. 

In the race of competition, many brands struggle to stay relevant in order to maintain their position in the market. Brand relevance is the most important indicator for a brand’s success as nobody likes an interruptive browsing experience. With pop-ups at every turn, remarketing ads that follow you everywhere, one of the biggest mistakes that publishers make is filling their website with ads that have zero relevance to the subject of the site. Ads that are relevant to your industry can feel like a natural part of the site as a whole, while irrelevant ads tare a big turn off. According to recent consumer surveys,   

- 52% people don’t mind seeing ads that are relevant to them while browsing through websites on their laptops/desktops/tablets  
- 32% people notice ads that are relevant as well as irrelevant on their smartphones  
- 14% do not prefer watching any ads 

If you are placing ads on your site in hopes of building some extra income, ensure they are relevant and are placed at the right location at the right time and are targeted to the right audience. Most video solutions these days, place ads incorrectly causing wastage. In order to address these challenges, we introduced the Middle East to DynAdmic, our exclusive partners, whose key strength is to show the most relevant ad to the most relevant audience at the right time. For e.g. If Hiba is a young girl browsing through and is looking specifically for trending luxury bags, DynAdmic can target her for fashion/luxury ads based on the content she is watching instead of targeting an entire channel that talks about fashion. It not only helps to target the right person at the right time but also helps in reducing wastage. 


Advantages of DynAdmic 
- Can target viewers in real-time based on what they are about to watch 
- Finds the best ad placement for your message by creating an individualized ad exposure that grabs attention 
- With its premium Audio Recognition Technology, it scans, listens to online videos, deciphers specific keywords and semantically targets specific users  
- Designs your campaign delivery around multiple categories and a custom-made keywords list including celebrities, events... 
- Aggregates the largest pool of premium video advertising placements in the world so that you have the power to reach every potential customer, at any end of the spectrum, from niche sub markets to the general public 
- Since the overall performance is remarkably high, it guarantees KPIs 
- It’s 100% brand safe and fraud-free. It protects the brand ensuring your ads don’t land on inappropriate pages or videos like hate speech or any topic that could damage your brand image 
- Its contextual targeting solution identifies the video viewers interests because of semantic analysis of the video’s audio track.