Cross-device customer journey!

Posted on Aug 30, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

Once upon a time, consumers would browse or buy online by using only one device – mostly laptop / desktop. But today, consumers use a range of devices for various things. With an average of 2 devices per person worldwide, it has become essential for advertisers to deploy a multi-screen strategy as part of every campaign. This multi-device user generation has given rise to the cross-device customer journey. 

According to recent statistics,  

65% online consumers start browsing through websites on their smartphones and end with making purchases on their laptop  

35% start on their laptops/desktops and end on their smartphones  

Every customer has certain interactions during their browsing experience. Identifying these interactions across various channels and devices is called cross-device attribution. For example: Farha is a young girl, looking to buy an attractive dress for her 26th birthday. While browsing through a lifestyle website on her smartphoneshe stumbles upon a lucky draw ad from a famous fashion brand that reads ‘3 lucky winners get a voucher worth 1000 AED each.’ She clicks on the link and realizes she needs to fill out a form. Owing to the screen size of her smartphone, she decides to finish the process by logging on to the same website on her laptop as the screen is bigger, brighter and clearer. This interaction with the brand, through various devices is called cross-device attribution.  

With this example, you will notice how Farha started on one device and ended her journey on another device. For this reason, marketers can no longer be limited to one channel or device. Campaign objectives and KPI’s need to be achievable and measurable across channels and devices that consumers engage with. All in all, when marketers understand consumer insights better, their campaigns deliver as per expectations and lead to improved performance.